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Environmental Justice, Race, and Public Lands Symposium (2018)

This three-day symposium opened with the Climate Change and Indigenous Peoples Lecture. It was followed by two days of lively presentations and discussion by scholars, practitioners, and activists regarding equity, diversity, environmental justice, and decolonizing public lands. Keynote speakers included: Karletta Chief (Diné; University of Arizona), Margaret Hiza-Redsteer (Crow; U.S. Geological Survey), Carolyn Finney (University of Kentucky), Kyle Powys Whyte (Potawatomi; Michigan State University).



Environmental Humanities Symposium (2016)

In this symposium, Gregg Mitman (founding director, Center for Culture, History, and Environment, University of Wisconsin) and Bethany Wiggins (founding director, Penn Program in Environmental Humanities, University of Pennsylvania) discussed their ground-breaking programs in the environmental humanities. The ideas and insights they shared became the springboard for the Center for Environmental Futures.





Rethinking Race in the Anthropocene (2015)

This ground-breaking symposium explored the intersections of race and environmental justice in the Anthropocene, an emerging term for the modern era during which human activities are changing the environment on a planetary scale. Featured guests offered a variety of perspectives, drawing on their scholarship and activism in African American studies, anthropology, environmental history, environmental justice, geography, Latinx studies, literary studies, performance art, and philosophy. The symposium concluded with a one-day workshop on “Racial Justice and Indigenous Perspectives on Climate Justice: A Regional Panel of Community Organizers.”

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