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CEF welcomes new fellows and a visiting scholar!

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The Center for Environmental Futures is excited to welcome two dissertation fellows, one postdoctoral fellow, and one visiting scholar to the center!

Langston, Ford, Sinclair, and Brazier take in the Oregon scenery on a recent hike up Mt. Pisgah

Allison Ford and Rebekah Sinclair, the Andrew W. Mellon Dissertation Fellows in the Environmental Humanities, will join the center for the academic year 2019-2020 as they write their respective dissertations. Dr. M Jackson, the Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Scholar in the Environmental Humanities, is also joining the center for the academic year while she works on a new book project, “Living Blue: Stories of Women and Ice” (written in both English and Icelandic), based on ethnographic interviews with Icelandic women. Last but not least, Professor Nancy Langston is in residence during fall 2019 as the Andrew W. Mellon Visiting Scholar in the Environmental Humanities. Langston is working on a new project, “New Mobilities of the Anthropocene: Climate Change, Toxics, and Animal Migrations,” focusing on two iconic migratory species, woodland caribou and common loons.

Additionally, CEF also welcomes a new graduate research assistant, Hayley Brazier, who will be assisting CEF’s co-directors Marsha Weisiger and Stephanie LeMenager with their ongoing research of Oregon’s public lands. 

Please check out the events calendar to stay informed about upcoming talks and events, including two upcoming presentations by Dr. Langston. 

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